Machine Learning for Newbies

. Saturday, June 10, 2006
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In [1] Pedro Domingos recopilates some Machine Learning related stuff that can be useful for a beginner in the field. There is a list of journals

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  3. Neural Computation
  4. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  5. Journal of Machine Learning Research
  6. Journal of Machine Learning Gossip
A list of conferences
  1. International Conference on Machine Learning
  2. European Conference on Machine Learning
  3. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  4. National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  5. European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  6. Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems
  7. International Workshop on Multistrategy Learning
  8. International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics
  9. International Conference on Computational Learning Theory (COLT)
  10. European Conference on Computational Learning Theory
Other resources
  1. UCI repository of machine learning databases
  2. Online bibliographies of several subareas of machine learning
  3. Machine Learning List
  4. AI and Statistics List
  5. MLC++
  6. Weka
There are more useful resources for a researcher, I add my favourites
  1. Citeseer
  2. DBLP
  3. Rexa
  4. DataSets for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  5. DataMining Conferences
  6. Machine Learning (Theory)

[1] Pedro Domingos, "E4 - Machine Learning" In W. Klosgen and J. Zytkow (eds.), Handbook of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (pp. 660-670), 2002. New York: Oxford University Press. (Download)


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Anonymous said...

I would add 2 online journals


JoSeK said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Pierre. I updated the post with the ulrs you submitted :)

Anonymous said...

Here is a suggestion for an additional Machine Learning Resource:

Free Open-Source Data Mining Software with about 500 data mining operators (WEKA has only about 120):

RapidMiner (formerly YALE):

According to the KDnuggets poll in May 2007, RapidMiner is the leading open source data mining tool.

Other open-source tools: