. Monday, October 20, 2008
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This morning, I found an interesting post about Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) in Enrique Puertas' blog (in Spanish). Y!OS is the way Yahoo! is trying tyo fight against its major competence, Google. Both companies knows about the relevance of Open Software and are adopting Open Strategies in order to create comunities around their products.

Y!OS is organized in 3 main platforms plus OAuth as a way to implement a model of authentication.

1.- Yahoo! Application Platform: Is the Yahoo! platform for developing web applications that are available throughout Yahoo!. It gives the developers a development environment, APIs to access important functionalities, distribution and discovery infrastructure and a runtime and rendering environment.

In the next video, Xavier Legros talks about Yahoo! Application Platform at Open Hack Day 2008.

2.- Yahoo! Social Platform: is a suite of REST APIs that enable the creation of social applications that makes easier to connect users.

3.- Yahoo! Query Language: is a similar to SQL language that allows the developers to query, filter anc combine data accross Yahoo!, as well as any othe sources like RSS feed or HTML webpages.

Is seems really interesting that, from several services like BOSS or PIPES, Yahoo! has been able to develop a complete and unified platform that gives the developer an added value. I like the last movements of Yahoo! and I think Yahoo! only depends on himself to continue/return being a great player of Internet's technologies.